Speed limit could rise to 80mph

  • Motorway speed limits may rise to 80mph
  • Could be partnered with more 20mph zones
  • We want your opinion in our speed limit poll

The speed limit in the UK could rise from 70mph to 80mph, according to reports.

This is the latest proposal put forward by the government as it looks to win over the country’s motorists. The potential change is set to be discussed next week at the Conservative party conference.

The reasoning behind the change is that it will shorten journey times and help boost the economy. It is likely, however, to face stiff opposition from safety campaigners and environmentalists who will claim it will result in more deaths and serious injuries, as well as increases in emissions and fuel economy.

It’s very rare for a driver to be stopped by the police for travelling at 80mph and a number of forces tend to turn a blind eye to drivers speeding between 70mph and 80mph. If the change was to come in to affect, many feel that it would just legalise the speed already being done.

The likelihood is, however, that if an 80mph limit was put in place then it would be strictly enforced in order to dissuade people from driving even faster.

At the same time the increased limit will be coupled with the expansion of 20mph zones in towns and cities. The changes will be discussed in a consultation later and could be introduced in 2013.

The existing 70mph speed limit was set up in 1965. The government claims that cars are now much safer while it also insists that the number of people killed on British roads, compared to the number of motorists, has significantly fallen since then.

Last year the Scottish government proposed to lower the speed on all Scottish motorways to 60mph, conflicting with the new proposals to raise the limit.

So, would increasing the speed limit be a good idea? We want to know what you think by answering our poll.