Tokyo Motor Show 2011 - Daihatsu

  • Japanese manufacturer displays funky two-seat sports car
  • Compact electric city car also on Daihatsu's stand
  • Box-like FC Sho Case fuel cell concept uncovered

The Daihatsu stand adopted the slogan ‘Big Answer from Small’, which makes one wonder: what on earth was the question?

So, three concepts were on show to wow the crowds, the first and most exciting was the D-X concept, which is a sports open-top with a resin-based changeable body and a new two-cylinder 600cc turbo engine.

So what’s the changeable body all about then? Well, the car can be transformed from an open-top, to a hard-top coupe and even a hatchback, but it’ll always remain a two-seater.

Alongside the D-X is the Pico – another two-in-line EV commuter car that borrows the Renault Twizy theme. According to the Daihatsu press blurb the Pico offers ‘snug closeness with people and the environment’ and is ‘geared to the times with an ageing population’.

So, all good then.

Lastly, there’s the FC Sho Case, the FC standing for fuel cell. Essentially, it’s a brick on wheels with some seats and a steering wheel in. The fuel cells feature new liquid fuel hydrazine hydrate, and you fill it up as you would a petrol car. This stuff, however, has a higher density than normal fuel which means an increased range.

Apparently it can be synthesised from nitrogen and hydrogen as raw materials, which effectively eliminates CO2 emissions when driving. Of course, this is in cloud cuckoo land, but it is an interesting technological exercise.

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