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Tokyo Motor Show 2011 - Honda

  • EV-STER sports concept gets all the attention
  • Rear-wheel drive electric car will cover 110miles
  • Will cover zero to 60mph time in just 5 seconds

Written by Parkers Published: 30 November 2011 Updated: 30 November 2011

The AC-X Concept plug-in hybrid and the Micro Commuter Concept city car were expected to grace the Honda stand, but the real surprise was the inclusion of the EV-STER sports concept.

The EV-STER, as the name suggests, is an electric plug-in vehicle. It flies in the face of conventional EVs, however, by featuring striking good looks and a modern design. It’s rear-wheel drive too, which might even turn the heads of the most hardened petrolheads. With a range of around 110 miles it represents some semblance of practicality.

Inside there’s a space-age, twin-lever, steering wheel. Despite this the interior design isn’t so ‘out-there’ to suggest this car couldn’t, or wouldn’t, make the production line.

The stats tell a nice story too: it’ll accelerate from 0-60mph in just 5 seconds and its top speed is around 110mph. It’s got a 10kw battery under the skin and charging time is around three hours.

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