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  • Our tailored used car checklists cost just £3.49
  • The model-specific documents outline all you need to know
  • Over 60 available covering the most popular used cars 

When you're buying a used car, how do you know what you should be looking at and what to avoid before you hand over the cash? Worry no longer - Parkers is here to help.

The internet is full of helpful guides and how-to articles about buying a pre-owned motor, but the simple fact is they only cover the bare basics. Each car has its own faults and foibles, so in reality you need an article for each car.

That's where Parkers comes in. We've produced a selection of Car Checklists available to download now, each one covering the intricacies of a specific model of used car. We suggest you use the checklist alongside a car history check to make absolutely sure you're buying a gem and not a lemon.

Over 60 of the most popular used cars are catered for already and we're adding more all the time.

The check lists give you some key facts about the car, and then comprehensively explain:

  • The engines available including which is the best buy
  • The body styles to choose from and what to watch out for
  • Any chassis features that need identifying or checking
  • The interior trim and equipment
  • The mechanicals that may prove problematic
  • How reliable and safe you can expect the car to be
  • How practical it's likely to be
  • Any other vital information you need to know

Once you've read through the need-to-know facts and browsed through our hints and tips, we've provided you with a ready-made check sheet to make sure all bases are covered.

Finally, you'll see we've identified the derivative we'd buy if it was our own money.

So how much does all this cost? Just £3.49 buys you unlimited access to download all car checklists for 24 hours.

We're sure you won't find a more comprehensive, digestible and informative resource elsewhere, so if you're looking to buy a used car, give it a go. It might be the handful of coins that saves you thousands of pounds.

To download a Car Checklist click here.