2011's best and worst depreciators

  • Kia's Picanto retains top place in 2011
  • Numerous small cars dominate the top 100
  • Economical off-roaders hold money well

According to the Parkers depreciation stats for 2011, the outgoing generation of Kia Picanto was the car that lost the least money after a year of ownership.

The results were calculated from the difference between the list price of the car, and the average private resale value after 12 months and 10,000 miles.

Depreciation’s an important factor to consider when buying a new car. Some cars hold onto their value better than others, meaning they will cost you less overall in the long run.

The Kia Picanto lost only £1,250 of its value over the course of a year. That’s approximately £3.43 a day. That might sound like incredibly low depreciation, but the Picanto has a list price of £7,080.

That means that it will have lost about 18% of its value over 12 months, meaning that owners will get back about 82% of the original purchase price after a year.

Compact and smaller cars held 31 of the top 50 places. This was partly thanks to their low initial purchase price, meaning minimal losses compared to more expensive cars. Also contributing to the popularity of smaller cars was the new trend of people downsizing to save money by cutting their cost of motoring.

New cars to the top 10, compared to 2010, include the Suzuki Jimny, Renault Twingo, Hyundai i10, Ford Ka, Citroen DS3 and Smart Fortwo. The majority of these are strong contenders for the top 10 thanks to a combination of low list prices and decent residual values. The Citroen DS3 is a particularly desirable model, in ‘Black’ trim, meaning it retains its value well, hence its presence in the list.  

The average amount of depreciation for 2009 was 33%, yet in 2010 that rose slightly to 34%. 2011’s figures, however, show that figure to have returned to the 33% of the previous year. This potentially indicates that the used car market is stabilising slighty, and cars are more reliably holding onto their value.

More and more 4x4s and crossovers are also starting to appear higher up the tables, as people realise that many of them offer affordable running costs and economy to match conventional hatchbacks. Cars including the Skoda Yeti, Nissan Juke, Audi Q5 and Land Rover Discovery all do well as a result.

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All figures based on cash lost during 2011.

The best performers of 2011 (based on cash lost)


Make / Model


Cash lost



Kia Picanto

1.0 Spice 5d   




Suzuki Jimny

1.3 VVT SZ3 3d  




Renault Twingo

1.2 16V Bizu 3d 




Skoda Yeti (09-)

2.0 TDI CR SE 5d 




Fiat 500 (08-) 

1.2 Pop (Start Stop) 




Hyundai i10

1.1 Edition 5d 




Ford Ka (09-) 

1.2 Studio (Start Stop)




Citroen DS3

1.6 HDi Black 3d 




Smart Fortwo

Pulse mhd Softouch Auto




Suzuki Alto (09-) 

1.0 Cruz 5d 




The worst performers of 2011 (based on cash lost)


Make / Model


Cash lost   

% loss


Maybach 62 (03 on)

6.0 S 4d Auto




Maybach 57 (03 on)

6.0 S 4d Auto




Rolls-Royce Phantom
(03 on)

4d Auto




Rolls-Royce Phantom
(07 on)

2d Auto




Aston Martin DBS
(08 on)

V12 Volante 2d




S-Class AMG (07 on)

S65L (630bhp)
4d Auto




Ferrari 599 GTB
Coupe (06 on)

GTB Fiorano 2d  




Aston Martin Rapide
(10 on)

V12 4d Auto




Bentley Continental GT Convertible (06 on)

6.0 W12 Speed 2d Auto  




Aston Martin DB9
(04 on)

V12 Volante (470)
2d Auto 



Note: data correct at time of publication.

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