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If you’re looking to buy a used car, knowing what someone else’s ownership experience has been like can be a big help when you are trying to decide which car to buy.

Only car owners know what is really like to live with a car so their opinion really matters. This is where Parkers Owners’ reviews help. For instance, if you’re shopping around for a used BMW, but not sure what the problems or plus points of a 1 Series or 3 Series are, then searching through the thoughts of current owners can put your mind at ease or steer you away from a bad purchase.

There are 100s of reviews for other popular used BMW models including the X3 and 5 Series. We’ve picked out some of the interesting good and bad points of these cars below to help you with your car buying. Don’t forget to add your own car review – your knowledge and opinions count.

BMW 1 Series Hatchback (04 – 11)


The majority of positive views for the 1 Series are due to the comfortable ride and handling. In fact, Paul Barrett said: “A very comfortable smooth ride given consistently” about his 120d, while Andy Thorne claims that his 116d “Handles like a dream” and “Very comfy over hard surfaces even with the run-flats fitted.”


Not all owners’ are enamoured with the German brand’s small hatchback though. The engine of Alan Townsley’s 118d has failed to impress and he said: “It doesn’t drive nearly as well as I thought; the engine is a tad lacklustre without a turbo below 3,500 revs”. Mechanical problems have been the blight of Keeley Elkins time in the 120i M Sport. Under problems with the car she says “Yes electrical problems and it sounds awful.”

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BMW 3 Series Saloon (05 – 12)


The 3 Series is the most popular model in the manufacturer’s range, and is loved by private buyers and company car drivers in equal measure. It seems to be the overall package which has impressed most owners with Andy Dyson commenting: “Excellent handling, strong mid-range performance, and solid ride,” about his 320d SE. At the same time Simon Jones sums up his 320d ES, saying: “Faultless reliability, wonderful driving experience, comfortable and surprisingly frugal.”


On the other hand though, Mark Bowhay has not been impressed with his 320i ES Step Auto. Problems include “Driver position is bizarre too far to one side” and “Parking is a nightmare. No visibility. Totally rely on sensors.”

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BMW 5 Series Saloon (03 – 10)


One of the best executive saloons on the market, the 5 Series is an incredibly accomplished car. However, it’s not just the performance that impresses. Sajjad Ashraf praises the amount of space on offer “Loads of legroom and a huge boot” while also pointing out one of the gadget highlights “Heated leather seats. A warm backside in the winter is heaven.”


Unfortunately one of the major issues with this car is the ride, and this seems to be the biggest bugbear for unhappy owners. William McCormick sums it up by saying “Very bumpy on every road, has run flat tyres and very stiff suspension,” while an anonymous review also comments: “It is a very hard ride. Partly because of sports suspension but more down to the run flat tyres.”

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BMW X3 (04 – 11)


The X3 continues BMW’s excellent reputation for building off-roaders that are as composed on tarmac as the rough stuff. The majority of owners’ reviews are very favourable too. One of the plus points seems to be the gadgets on the car. Paul Good said: “Good visibility and parking sensors all round” and he also points out the size, saying “plenty of room in the rear and the boot is a good size.”


Not everyone is enamoured with things in the maker’s mid-sized 4×4 though. The interior finish comes in for some criticism from an anonymous owner. They claim “Certain interior plastics are very poor in comparison to the 3 Series my X3 replaced and the whole car just doesn’t feel as well put together.”

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