Parkers competition winners announced

  • Five winners celebrate New Year with £1,000 prize
  • Our Play Your Cars Right proves a real hit with users
  • Want to know how much your car is worth? Click here

Lucky winners of our hugely successful Play Your Cars Right competition held last year are celebrating their ‘grand’ prizes.

Our competition attracted thousands of entrants. All they had to do was guess the values of selected cars – and Bruce Forsyth was nowhere to be seen. We detailed a handful of car pairings and the entrants had to select which car they thought had the higher value.

Of course, it was just for fun, but for five lucky winners their car knowledge paid off and they won £1,000 each.

Adam Chaloner, Wayne Beesley, Mark Richards, Frank Milligan and Judy Joseph had all played their cars right and it paid off.

Wayne Beesley, from Lancashire, said: “I was made up when you contacted me and I thought it was my mate winding me up. What a brilliant start to the year. I’m chuffed to bits.”

Frank Milligan, of Buckinghamshire, said: “Thank you so much. I am over the moon. My wife told me but I thought it was a wind-up or some marketing ploy. I have never won anything like this before and am really delighted.”

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