Geneva 2013: Citroen

  • Citroen unveils sharper-looking C3
  • Diesel/electric hybrid version emits just 87g/km
  • TECHNOSPACE concept paves way for new MPV  

New car on show: TECHNOSPACE concept, C3

TECHOSPACE concept (main image)

Suppose you can’t have a Citroen stand without a concept so enter the CITROËN TECHNOSPACE concept.

Ta daa!

According to the French company this points to the brand’s future compact MPV that will be released from the second half of 2013 and, apparently, it’s a demonstration of Citroën’s ‘Créative Technologie’.

Most importantly, CO2 emissions are 98g/km which has been achieved through a lightweight construction, but it also features a high-definition 12-inch panoramic touchscreen and 3D-effect tail-lights.


The headline for the Citroen C3 unveil reads: ‘Unique personality with new styling.’

At first we thought this was a personal appearance by Mickey Rourke but closer examination of the press release told us that this was, indeed, the refreshed C3 hatchback reveal.

So, let’s continue with a bit of blurb from the C3 release: “The exterior of the new Citroën C3 combines soft curves with dynamic taut lines. A restyled front end creates a new ‘face’ with updated chevrons and bumper-mounted LED daytime running lights.”

So that’s great. As well all that tautness and dynamic… ness, there are ‘expressive’ new tail light clusters, new reflectors set underneath the rear bumper and a new ‘ink blue body paint’ that expands the range’s palette to a total of nine colours.

There’s loads more guff but here’s some things you might want to know about the new Citroen C3:

There’s a 300-litre boot, a central console, glove box and central armrest, a big old windscreen that increases the upward field of vision for front passengers by 80°.

If you are feeling flush you can pay out more for a reversing camera and parking sensors, an MP3 audio system, Connecting Box (Bluetooth hands-free kit, jack plug and USB socket), eMyWay navigation and a powerful hifi.

Fuel and CO2 efficiency has been improved by around 25% and you can get 65.7mpg with CO2 emissions of 99g/km if you go for the most frugal petrol engine. If you go for a hybrid electric diesel model with stop/start CO2 emissions are as low as 87g/km.