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Happy 20th Birthday Ford Mondeo

  • First version of the Ford Mondeo was launched back in 1993 and replaced the Ford Sierra
  • Now 20 years old with four different versions under its belt the new mark five is due imminently
  • Our infographic reveals how many Mondeos have been sold and which famous spy drove it

Written by The Parkers Team Published: 11 June 2013 Updated: 11 June 2013

Hard to believe but the Ford Mondeo is 20 years old this year.

In the notoriously fast-changing world of cars, the Ford Mondeo has remained a favourite with drivers across Europe including, of course, Britain’s company car drivers.

Original launched in 1993 Ford Mondeos appeal simultaneously to businessmen, families and even James Bond himself, so the Mondeo truly is a one of a kind model. But what’s kept it at the forefront of sales charts and won over so many customers?

Well one major reason is the Mondeo’s constant evolution. To examine this fact, and to celebrate 20 years of the Mondeo, we’ve created the infographic below. Enjoy!  

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Ford Mondeo Infographic

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