Smart: Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

  • Forjoy concept previews new production car
  • Showroom model jointly developed with Renault
  • Compact, rear-engined city car with four seats

On show: Forjoy concept car

Forjoy concept car (pictured above)

With no roof, windows or even doors, the Smart Forjoy at first glance appears to be a dazzling show car designed to attract people onto the stand. But there’s more to it than that.

Underneath that glitzy polished aluminium and white-painted bodywork is something that bears a remarkably close resemblance to the next Smart Forfour production car.

Naturally, it’ll be fully equipped with weather protection and regular body panels but this rear-engined, four-seater will carry many of the styling cues that the concept does. This Forjoy concept version is fully-electric and given Smart and Renault both sell electric cars, it’s likely a similar drivetrain will make production too.

Developed in conjunction with Renault, which will also have a version of the car to replace the Twingo, the concept Forjoy has a number fun features, typical of motor show metal.

Skateboards with accompanying helmets and a camera to share videos of the fun on social media are part of the concept’s package.

You can read more about the Forjoy in our concept car guide here.

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