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Subaru: Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

  • STi concept previews possible return of halo car for brand
  • Four wheel drive definite, turbocharged petrol engine likely
  • Sleek looks and iconic blue paint make it stand out

Written by Parkers Published: 10 September 2013 Updated: 21 July 2015

On show: STi concept

WRX STi Concept

Subaru kind of came out of no-where (actually it arrived fresh from a muddy farmer’s field) when it released its first Impreza in 1993 and soon after went rallying with a turbo model. Enthusiasts, from inside and outside the Japanese brand, have been calling for another halo car like the Impreza WRX ever since, and not counting the BRZ Coupe, it looks like the firm will finally deliver with its WRX STi.

Except that it’s just a concept – for now at least. It looks promising though, and the bonnet scoop clearly leaves enough room for a turbocharged engine and its top-mounted intercooler as per the classic Impreza turbos. Of course the hallmark four-wheel drive will feature and the wide stance and low roof suggest this car will have grip in abundance.

If it does make it to production the sleek looks will likely be toned down, but along with the prospect of a sub 5.0 second 0-62mph time, for now we’ll just drink in that attention grabbing blue paint and gold wheeled colour scheme.

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