Peugeot Quartz concept to be unveiled at Paris

  • Quartz concept uses volcanic rock in its construction
  • Also uses recycled plastic bottles in a “digital weave”
  • Peugeot says it has “one of the world’s best performing engines”

Peugeot has released initial images of a new crossover concept called the Quartz. The car showcases a range of innovations including parts made of a recycled, digitally woven textile. Based on the underpinnings of the new 308, the Quartz concept offers an exciting view into the future of the crossover segment.

From initial drawings and computer images, the Quartz has a design befitting a concept car. Of course, it remains to be seen if any of the details will make it into production, but it’s a view into Peugeot’s future design intentions. Front air scoops are reminiscent of those on the Lamborghini Aventador, with the grille an angular interpretation of that found on recent Jaguars. The rear end also shares a certain similarity with that of the Range Rover Evoque, which is no bad thing.

It looks like a sports car, and with Peugeot claiming it will feature a 493bhp hybrid drivetrain, the manufacturer is clearly hoping it will drive like one too. The hybrid system consists of a petrol engine supplemented by two electric motors, and will feature a ‘Race mode’. The concept powerplant is touted by Peugeot as “one of the world’s best performing engines”, which if true, will surely be a first for the company. In addition, clever pneumatic suspension will adjust ground clearance automatically depending on the road surface, or so Peugeot claim.

The futuristic credentials do not end in the engine bay either; Peugeot is using the volcanic rock basalt in the construction of the centre console. A ‘digital weave’ made from recycled plastic bottles will be used to manufacture “large and complex” components. Tellingly, Peugeot has not revealed precisely which parts will be made of recycled bottles, a material that so far has been overlooked by manufacturers when it comes to constructing cars.

The performance car vision is continued on the interior of the Quartz concept with four point harness bucket seats, heads up display and a complex steering wheel with F1 levels of switchgear. Referred to as the i-Cockpit, the cabin is the last word in mood-lit, futuristic minimalism. Peugeot have even done away with the B-pillar; claiming composite scissor doors give the car exceptional stiffness. And as if this all wasn’t enough, the Quartz features a retractable Winnebago-cum-Eurostar access step to make it easier to enter. 

It’s another typically flamboyant concept launch from the French manufacturer and an exciting technological leap, perhaps tending towards the imaginary. As with any concept, it’s implausible that all of the aforementioned innovations will percolate onto a finished product. However, if Peugeot can distil some of the design features and sporty intentions of the Quartz, the crossover class should certainly get a little more exciting.