All-wheel drive Volvo V90 Cross Country revealed

  • Volvo unveils an SUV-ised version of the V90 estate
  • Cross Country features all-wheel drive as standard
  • Extra ground clearance and bigger tyres boost off-road ability

Volvo has added to its off-roader range with the V90 Cross Country. Based on the V90 estate, the Cross Country gains 60mm of ride height – meaning it now offers 210mm of ground clearance – and larger tyres that should help it negotiate rough terrain.

Expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2017 the new all-wheel drive model is targeted at drivers who want a vehicle that can deal with tough weather conditions and a little off-roading, but don’t like the brash styling of many SUVs.

Volvo stresses that Cross Country will offer real off-road ability unlike some style-over-substance SUVs, with special larger-diameter tyres – that should offer added grip off tarmac and impressive comfort on-road – and wheels that are placed wider apart on the axles.

On-road driving ability hasn’t been forgotten about either, the company claims, with the car offering a feeling of “relaxed confidence” from behind the wheel. We'll put this to the test in a detailed Parkers full review.

Power will come from the V90’s 235hp D5 diesel motor with the T5 and T6 petrol engines to be offered in Europe unlikely to make it to the UK. A less powerful D4 diesel version could also be offered, though this isn’t available with all-wheel drive in the V90 upon which the Cross Country is based.

Only one specification is available, with drivers able to choose between more rugged off-roader style black plastic wheelarch extensions or more conventional body-colour versions.

Prices are predicted to come in at around £2,000 more than all-wheel drive V90 equivalents, meaning a starting price of approximately £43,500 when the car arrives in early 2017.