Nissan introduces 'dog-friendly' X-Trail options

  • Nissan introduces a set of dog-friendly accessories for the X-Trail
  • They include intgrated dog guard, ramp and storage area
  • Priced at £599 for the all-in-one package

The Nissan X-Trail is a popular family car – and to extend that appeal, its maker has devised a package of dog-friendly accessories that you can buy from your local dealer. It follows on from the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept that we tested in March 2017.

It's called the ‘Paw Pack’, and it transforms the X-Trail into what Nissan describes as the perfect family car. Priced at £599, the Paw Pack accessory kit comprises six carefully components to transform the boot space into a dog-friendly environment.

These include:

  • A dog guard boot separator
  • A ramp for smaller dogs to use when getting back in
  • A luxurious machine washable dog bed
  • Non-spill water bowl
  • Boot liner
  • Tidy area for storing leads, treats and waste bags

It might not go as far as the concept car's inbuilt dog shower and cam-based monitoring system, but it's definitely a step in the right direction for dog owners who want it all for their pooch.

Nissan launches Paws pack for dog-owning X-Trail drivers

Here's a video of the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept...