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Small cars Britain's biggest savers

  • Honda Jazz loses least to depreciation
  • Small cars dominate top 40 positions
  • Overall depreciation slower than 2008

The Honda Jazz was Britain's best car for retaining its value during 2009 according to Parker's annual depreciation report.

Parker's annual depreciation survey puts the Jazz at the top based on the average values for the range for 12 month old cars at the end of 2009.

According to our research the Jazz loses about £3.78 per day in depreciation - about the same as a coffee and a snack at a cafe.

But small cars are certainly the safest places to put your money, taking 35 of the top 40 places in the index, while value brands also make a strong showing.

The Hyundai i10 appears fourth in the table, behind the Fiat 500 and SEAT Ibiza, while the Kia Picanto and Suzuki Swift also appear in the top 10.


Although the Picanto is in the same position as last year, it shows slower depreciation than in last year's survey (£1760 compared with £2245), while the Mitsubishi i has dropped two places to 10 despite losing less cash than in the 2009 index (£2271 compared with £2358).

The depreciation index takes values as an average for the range at the end of 2009 if owners were selling privately with 10,000 miles on the clock cars they bought new 12 months earlier.

A general trend throughout the table of almost 300 model ranges shows that most cars depreciated more slowly during their first year of ownership than at the end of 2008.

It is most likely a knock-on effect of the sudden and harsh drop in used car values as the recession took hold in the second half of 2008, compared with all used car values strengthening during the first half of 2009.

The fact that new car sales fell dramatically during the last few months of 2008 also means there is a genuine shortage of used cars at a year old.

This may be some consolation to owners of worst depreciating cars of 2009, some of which are showing significant improvements in the amount lost to depreciation compared with our previous index.

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The best performers of 2009




Cash lost during 2009



Jazz (08 on)




500 (08 on)




Ibiza (08 on)




i10 (08 on)




2 (07 on)




Picanto (04 on)




Fox (06 on)




Swift (05 on)




Aygo (05 on)




i (07 on)


The biggest losers of 2009

Make Model Cash lost during 2009
1 Maybach 62 (03 on) £127,526
2 Maybach 57 (03 on) £115,253
3 Rolls-Royce Phantom (03 on) £81,183
4 Bentley Arnage (98 on) £66,040
5 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (05 on) £51,627
6 Mercedes-Benz SL Class AMG (02 on) £51,381
7 Bentley Cont. Flying Spur (05 on) £47,080
8 Aston Martin DBS (08 on) £41,347
9 Bentley Continental GT Coupe £40,110
10 Ferrari F 430 (05 on) £37,188


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