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The 2010 budget as it happened

  • Full details on the latest Budget announcements
  • Fuel prices set to rise again in April and October
  • First year one-off 'showroom tax' to start in April

Parkers brings you the full details of the 2010 Budget and how it will affect you and your car.

The biggest area of interest is the fuel duty rise. It will go up by 1p per litre from the start of April, then staggered with a 1p per litre rise in October and a final 1p per litre in January 2011.

There will also be the introduction of the first year one-off 'showroom tax' set to come in to effect on April 1. This will see £100s added to the cost of a new car. For the full details on the new showroom tax go here.

How the Budget unfolded for car buyers


The Chancellor begins his speech. This Budget will set out 'a route to long-term recovery' according to the Chancellor.

There are due to be announcements on fuel duty rises as well as 'Showroom tax' and changes to the road tax prices. There could also be more on 'green' motoring with electric vehicles at the forefront.


Darling claims that oil prices have risen by more than 50%. Could this have a major factor on fuel prices in the UK?


The scrappage scheme is being hailed as a success with a claim that it has helped push the sales of new cars by 30 per cent in the last year. So what for new car sales now the scheme is coming to an end?

On cash-for-scrap the Chancellor says: 'There was a cost. But the cost of not acting would have been greater.'


Fuel duty is set to rise by 1p per litre in April. This will then be followed by another 1p per litre in October and a final rise of 1p per litre in January 2011.

This delay in the fuel price rise is to help out 'families and businesses' according to the Chancellor.


No further announcements on VAT or tax.

The planned 'showroom tax' will go ahead from April 1 as scheduled. This will see new car buyers paying up to £950 on the most polluting models in the first year of purchase. For more on the new tax go here.

Don't get caught out with the 'showroom tax'. Parker's has put together a list of cars that will cost you more than you think. 

The changes to car tax rates will go ahead as planned. Motorists will have to pay up to £30 more on the cars with higher emissions, while the cost of taxing the least polluting cars will drop by £30. Go here for the full details on the changes.


To help sort out the state of the roads following the recent bad weather, £100m will be spent to fix local roads and £285m for motorway improvements.

The motorway money will also go towards expanding roads and other projects such as allowing hard-shoulder use in busy times.


More money is set to go in to 'green' projects, with transport being one of the key points. This could include more cash for electric vehicles and infrastructure.

Chancellor talks up the Government role in helping Nissan's plan to build the Leaf model in Sunderland.