All you need to know about online car retailer, AutoeBid.

1 Where do you source your cars?

All our cars are supplied by UK main franchised dealers directly or through brokers with the majority supplied directly through a uk main franchised dealer.

We also impose supply conditions on suppliers. This means if anything ever goes wrong the client will have us on their side leveraging our buying power with all suppliers to encourage them to resolve the matter quicker and better than any client trying to do so by dealing with them individually.

2 How are you able to offer such sizeable discounts?

  • We don’t charge suppliers a fee to sell through our service. Meaning they incur no direct costs in selling a vehicle through AutoeBid. As such, the standard costs of advertising, marketing and administrating the sale are taken out of the equation.
  • All orders are live on our website so that suppliers can compete between one another to win your business by giving you the best quote. Their fierce competition for your business forces their price down, giving you the ultimate advantage of get your price at your rates.
  • Suppliers are also able to sell vehicles nationally through AutoeBid, which potentially allows them to sell large numbers of cars through our website. As a mark of their appreciation, they are able to provide for much larger discounts if they are able to sell large volumes of vehicles.
  • Similarly through our Group Buying Scheme, we group together buyers in order to maximise our buying power.
  • Our extensive supply base allows us to approach the most competitive suppliers in the market on behalf of our buyers. We spend a lot of our time researching new suppliers and confirming their trading record and their ability to deliver.

3 Can you specify options, and if you do, does that affect delivery time? 
Sure, factory options will make it a full factory order of approximately 12 weeks.

4 What happens if a customer isn’t happy? Can they return the car and get their money back?
I believe suppliers are required to take back a new car within a few weeks of purchase if the client is not satisfied, however this is naturally not something that happens very much if at all. The client has distance selling regulation rights as well as all other consumer rights, therefore has the same rights regarding this as they would if they purchased from their local dealer with the addition of distance selling.

5 Do you offer finance deals?
Yes, contract hire, PCP and uniquely also manufacturers’ special offers such as 0% finance and discounts.

6 What range of discounts do you offer? (£400-£5,000 for example)
From 0% discount on the Range Rover Evoque, but we also have access to quicker delivery times and more stock cars than any individual supplier (as we get all suppliers stock together) to more than £11,000 off a Volvo XC90. 

7 Do you have a premises people can visit?
Yes, people can come into our Waterloo office, if required, to discuss the purchase. 

8 Can people view the car and test it before they buy?
They view and test drive at their local dealer.

9 Do you offer part exchange?
Yes some of our suppliers can offer part-exchange and we offer free valuations and a free way to advertise your can on our site and market to the trade.

10 What’s the normal sequence of events when someone has seen a car they are interested in on your website?
They follow our Step by Step guide from one t five.

  • Choose your vehicle – select the make, model and specific variant/submodel you want. (For used cars click here)  
  • Select model options – specify what colour, trim and additional features such as air conditioning you require.
  • Set your conditions – state how you want to take delivery and other terms. 
  • Review and register – once you have built the vehicle you require we will show you all the pricing details. If you have not already done so, register in order save this vehicle in our database. You then have the opportunity to reflect and ask us any questions. 
  • Order – when you are ready, Agree to our Max Price or NYOD, specify when you want delivery, give us the go-ahead and we will start our dealers bidding to supply your ideal vehicle at the best possible price. 

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