Comprehensive guide to internet brokers

  • A comprehensive guide to internet brokers
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As soon as you suggest internet brokers to an inexperienced car buyer, the body language changes. The head moves back in defensive mode and then the spine straightens. It’s like you have started a conversation about politics or religion.

The reality is bagging bargains from reputable internet brokers is like taking candy from a baby. A quick search of at least five online traders will tell you that there is potential to save thousands of pounds, and it’s easy to see why.

Internet brokers can get good new cars from manufacturers on the cheap and that saving is passed onto consumers. There are no massive dealerships or legions of staff to pay, which means fewer overheads. Internet car buying, at present, is a best-kept secret.

We know that there’s a fear of internet brokers because pretty much every day people will invariably ask us how to get a good deal on their next new car and it is surprising to us, how few people are prepared to buy from an online broker. They’ll inevitably think about the traditional methods of buying at a dealership or a car supermarket and stick with that. These are the default choices for the majority of new car buyers, it seems.

Those that are unfamiliar with internet brokers don’t buy because from these outlets because they think it’s a risky business. The online offers seem too good to be true, and conventional wisdom tells you that if something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

However, buying from internet brokers is the exceptional to the rule as long as you make proper checks to ensure that the company you are buying from is legit. Click on our feature about how to buy from an internet for more advice.

So, in a bid undo the taboos, below is a guide to the UK’s most well-known internet brokers. We have asked the internet brokers we are familiar with ten questions about the services they offer and hopefully give new car buyers who are thinking of going online for their next purchase some much-needed peace of mind.