We reveal all the facts, including the biggest deals, about UKnewcars.

1 Where do you source your cars?
All cars are sourced directly from official UK franchised dealerships and are never imported or pre-registered.  They are always brand new, with the customer being the first registered keeper of the vehicle. The cars would be no different to that which a customer would purchase at their own local main dealer, except at a much better price we hope. 

2 How are you able to offer such sizeable discounts?
We have fantastic relationships with the dealer panel we work with – and because we place hundreds of orders with them each year, we are able to attain very large bulk-buying, corporate levels of discounts which we can then pass on to the individual retail customer. 

3 Can you specify options, and if you do, does that affect delivery time?
Yes – the customer can choose to have the car built exactly to their preferred specification should they wish. Of course, if a car is built to order it will be subject to standard factory lead times which can vary from a few weeks to several months depending on the model. Should the customer require a car urgently, we can search through the dealer group’s own stock as well as national stock to see if we can locate a suitable car – this will still be brand new and unregistered.

4 What happens if a customer isn’t happy? Can they return the car and get their money back?
Should one of our retail customers who has purchased a car and left a deposit over the phone or email wish to cancel, they can do so at any point in the order cycle and get a full refund of all monies paid. This is because they are covered by Distance Selling Regulations which is monitored by the Office of Fair Trading. If the customer has made payment via face to face contact with the dealer, these regulations will not apply. Of course, the standard Sale of Goods Act and the customer’s consumer rights will also apply. Customers should always check their cancellation rights with the dealer should they have any doubts. 

5 Do you offer finance deals?
Customers will in most cases be able to use any promotional, low-rate finance campaigns that are available through the manufacturers/dealers in conjunction with our high discount levels. However certain campaigns such as 0% APR finance may not always be available with the full discount levels – it is always best to double check with us first. Top Tip: it can often work out more cost-effective to take a low-rate finance campaign (eg 5.9% APR) with the full discount level than take a 0% APR deal with no discount. 

6 What range of discounts do you offer? (£400-£5,000 for example)
Discounts vary from model to model and are normally best measured by percentage as it is always relative to the value of the car. With most of our core brands, discounts will range from 10%-12% of the full retail price of the car (including factory options), but this is just a guide. From time to time, further discounts may also be available if a car can be registered by a particular date – again, it is always best to check with us to see if any promotions may be available on top of normal discounts. 

7 Do you have a premises people can visit?
Our office is based in Norwich and customers are of course more than welcome to pop in if they are in the area. However we use dealerships located all around the UK to supply the vehicles. We will always endeavour to use the most convenient dealership for the customer, however many of our dealers will offer a free delivery service if required. 

8 Can people view the car and test it before they buy?
We would encourage customers to do most of their research into a car prior to placing an order with us. Our dealers are of course on hand if necessary, but it would probably be easier for customers to view and drive the cars at their local dealerships first in order to ensure they are happy with their choice. We are personally also on hand to offer our own advice and thoughts on the cars based on our years of experience.

9 Do you offer part exchange?
We would always recommend a customer try to sell their car privately in order to attain the maximum value for it – our main benefit of course is to try and achieve the very best price on the brand new car, but our hands are tied when it comes to the Part Exchange. Should the customer be unable or unwilling to try and sell privately, our dealers will be happy to offer a full Part Exchange facility. We can in fact go one step further and request a valuation/offer from our independent used car underwriter – an honest and reliable contact of ours who buys and sells used cars on a daily basis.  This way we can get a fair, unbiased opinion on what the car is really worth when traded in. 

10 What’s the normal sequence of events when someone has seen a car they are interested in on your website?
When the customer has seen a car and price they are attracted to, they can either request a call back or contact us directly with a view to moving forward or attaining more information. After we have explained the price, process and parameters of the deal and the customer wishes to proceed with an order, we send the details to the relevant dealer who will then get in touch with the customer directly. They will introduce themselves, confirm the full order details and once the customer is happy, collect a deposit – the customer will then have a direct relationship with the dealer going forwards.  All payments will be between the customer and dealer as will the contract for purchase.  It is therefore very safe and secure with no payment being made to us as the broker. The customer will then be entitled to the full benefits and warranties that they would receive at any main dealer and will still be able to take the car to their local dealer for any servicing, warranty or maintenance work in the future.

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