Top cars that are cheaper to buy on PCP than paying cash

  • The best PCP deals offer not only convenience but large savings too
  • Pay less than the list price on chic city cars to high-end performance models
  • Save 35 percent on an electric supermini and 20 percent on a BMW M6 Convertible 

If you think that paying for a car through finance always involves a premium, you could be missing out on some substantial savings. While some finance schemes do involve hefty interest rates that can add 20 percent to the price of the car over several years, others can actually save you thousands over paying cash.

Aside from giving you the security of knowing exactly how much you need to budget every month, the best finance deals offer such large discounts that they cost up to £20,000 less than the list price of the car – all thanks to dealer and manufacturer discounts and low interest rates.

Do your homework and you can find great-value finance deals on everything from sub-£13,000 city cars to near-£100,000 supercars. Check out our finance tool to work out how much you could borrow.

Save nine percent on Vauxhall Adam with £149 monthly bills

The Adam may be one of Vauxhall’s smallest cars, but the company isn’t skimping on value with its current PCP deal. Put down a deposit of £999 and monthly payments of £155 will secure you the keys to the Adam 1.2 70 Jam on a three-year PCP set-up.*

Thanks to a list price saving and a £1,700 deposit contribution from Vauxhall, the car would cost just £11,628 over three years if you bought it at the end of the term. This represents a 9.4 percent saving over the £12,385 list price, splitting the cost into manageable chunks.

Substantial savings on the list price are also available on the Peugeot 208 thanks to a £1,200 saving on the list price and more than £1,000 of deposit contribution – making it cheaper to buy through finance than with cash.

Cut 35 percent off the list price on the electric Renault Zoe by using PCP finance

Think you can’t afford an electric car? The Renault Zoe is proof that this simply isn’t true any more, with enormous savings of £5,447 over a 24-month PCP deal – compared with paying cash – and affordable £109 monthly bills.*

Admittedly, you will have to find a further £80 every month to cover the cost of a separate 7,500 miles-per-year battery loan, but even taking this into account the Zoe will set you back well under 80% of its list price through Renault’s finance scheme.

Helping to explain why the Zoe is so affordable on finance is a £6,000 deposit contribution from the dealer, along with a reasonable 3.9 percent APR rate. The Zoe isn’t the only electric car that you can secure for less than the list price with finance either.

Opt for a Nissan Leaf on a three-year PCP deal and you can save nearly 15 percent on the list price with monthly payments of £249, courtesy of a £5,000 Nissan contribution.*

Large deposit contributions and zero percent APR on Jeep Renegade

Jeeps may be renowned for their off-road prowess rather than their value, but the company’s attractive finance offers could change that. That's because a number of models are available for less than the list price – whether you opt for a PCP scheme or Hire Purchase.

A deposit contribution of £1,750 on the Renegade 1.6 E-TorQ 110hp Sport and zero percent interest means low monthly payments of £175 and a 10 percent saving, should you choose to buy the car at the end of the 24-month PCP contract.*

Pay no deposit on a Mazda 6 and still save £2,500 with PCP

Have no deposit to put down but still want to make your money stretch further? Fear not, as the Mazda 6 will cost you exactly the same whether you have a £5,955 deposit to hand or not – courtesy of zero deposit APR. However, it’s the £2,500 Mazda deposit contribution that means that you’ll pay less than the list price with Mazda’s PCP offer.*

As a result, if you really want to make the most of your money, place whatever you could have put into a deposit into a high-interest savings account and benefit from Mazda not charging you any interest on the car.

Buy a BMW M6 Convertible, get a 1 Series free with £20,253 discount

Car finance might seem to be the preserve of mainstream models, helping ordinary drivers to afford a brand-new machine, but there are some even greater savings available for those with bigger budgets.

Take the BMW M6 Convertible; despite its list price of £98,115, a whopping £20,252.60 deposit contribution from the manufacturer and zero percent APR means that choosing finance will save you enough to buy a new 1 Series hatchback, with just a little haggling.* 

Similarly, it’s also possible to save around 15 percent on the price of the equally-rapid BMW M5 saloon by paying through PCP finance, due to nearly £16,000 worth of deposit contribution from the car company and a low interest rate.*

£14,000 deposit contribution on Audi A8 luxury car

BMW isn’t the only German brand enticing buyers with deposit contributions large enough to buy another car. Audi may not match BMW’s zero percent APR – charging 2.9 percent APR – but a £14,000 deposit contribution means that you can save nearly £11,000 on the list price with Audi’s Solutions PCP plan.

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*Deals are correct at time of publication. Everyone’s financial circumstances are different and credit is not always available – Parkers cannot recommend a deal for you specifically. These deals are indicative examples of some packages available this week.