Citroen slashes prices to make them fairer

  • Price cuts to avoid haggling
  • New C-Series trim levels
  • Additional trim level changes

French carmaker Citroen says it will reduce list prices in order to be more upfront and transparent with customers.

As part of its latest 'Fair Pricing' strategy, prices for the C1, C3, and C3 Aircross will be reduced from 1 December across the UK. The prices will now reflect what customers would typically pay when discounts and haggling are taken into account.

Citroen UK's Managing Director, Eurig Druce, said: 'The majority of customers tell us they don't enjoy haggling. Which is why we're introducing fair pricing.'

A full list of the price reductions isn't available yet. But the C1 will be reduced by up to £700, the C3 up to £1,175, and C3 Aircross up to £1,775.

New trim levels announced

As part of the same 'Fair Pricing' strategy update from Citroen, the manufacturer revealed that a new trim level called 'C-Series' will be released, aimed at online buyers.

Citroen C5 Aircross PHEV

Firm details of the cars are yet to be released, but Citroen confirmed it will have 'strong levels of equipment, a competitive price well below competitors, and a five-year warranty for retail customers purchasing online.' Citroen has since confirmed that this five-year warranty is also available in-store.

Citroen C3 C-Series - £13,980
Citroen C3 Aircross C-Series - £17,000
Citroen C5 Aircross C-Series - £25,755

C-Series models are available to order from November, with deliveries expected in early 2021.

Trim level changes

The brand's most popular models are also changing trim levels.

Entry level versions of the C3, C3 Aircross, and C5 Aircross will be called Live. Sense will be the next step up, while Shine will be above that.

Some models (unnamed by Citroen) will receive additional trim levels called Sense Plus and Shine Plus.

Will I be able to buy a Citroen C1 in 2021?

It's a good question to ask considering the C1 has been on sale since 2014 largely unchanged, and that manufacturers are continuing to ditch city cars in favour of more profitable models. Plus, there have been reports suggesting that Citroen will discontinue the C1.

But, the answer is yes, you will be able to buy a Citroen C1 in 2021.

Druce said said: 'The C1 will be for sale in the UK throughout 2021.' Looks like it could be ditched in 2022 then...

What this means for you

Ultimately this fairer pricing scheme is about transparency. This sounds like good news for the consumer. However - Citroen has confirmed that despite this, dealers still have a bit of wiggle room.

Druce said: 'Dealers can still offer discounts despite the reduced list price. Dealers always have the ability to sell at whatever price they want.'

So whether you're going in store, or buying (or financing) online, don't forget to haggle.

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