Mercedes EQS: all-new electric luxury saloon for 2021

  • Mercedes confirms EQS flagship saloon
  • New pictures show futuristic interior
  • New luxury EV underpinnings, on sale in August 2021

This slinky newcomer is the Mercedes EQS, a large saloon set to share showroom space alongside the S-Class. However, in place of the S-Class’s petrol and diesel engines, the EQS is fully electric. 

Mercedes hasn’t announced the technical details yet, but new pictures show the car’s futuristic cabin.

While the S-Class has traditionally been Mercedes’ showcase of future tech, it looks like the German brand is using the EQS as an opportunity to show off upcoming features. The car will be revealed in full very soon, and will go on sale in August 2021.

2021 Mercedes EQS dashboard with Hyperscreen

Set to rival the Tesla Model S, the Audi E-Tron GT and the Porsche Taycan, the EQS will focus on luxury and will carry a loftier price tag to match. 

As there’s no engine up front, the cabin is expected to be more spacious than even an equivalent S-Class saloon, and previous hints from Mercedes suggest a range of over 430 miles.

That’s partly down to record-setting aerodynamics, as well as a large battery driving the electric motors.

Technology-laden EQS interior

Arguably the most significant feature of the Mercedes EQS interior is the new Hyperscreen display. It’s huge, spreading across the entire width of the cabin and incorporates the dials behind the steering wheel, through into the main part of the dash and even over onto the passenger side.

Mercedes says the screen allows a minimalist design of the cabin and the design borrows from ‘modern living spaces’. There’s also a head-up display that uses augmented reality, which is something we’ve seen on the MBUX set-up on the A-Class and other more recent Mercedes models. It can show sat-nav directions overlayed onto the road ahead via a camera on the front of the car.

2021 Mercedes EQS dashboard with Hyperscreen

Over-the-air updates will keep the technology in the EQS up to date without having to return to a dealership, too. A Burmester stereo will also be included, and the screen uses haptic feedback (it pushes back against your finger like a physical button would).

There’s a minimalist centre console with wood trim and a cubby under the armrest, plus extra storage below with a spot for your smartphone. There’s also a new air filter for the cabin that improves the quality of the air inside – something aimed at buyers in polluted cities around the world.

Mercedes has also announced that the car will have an Energising Comfort feature that plays sounds and controls the air in the cabin to create a certain mood. For example, one setting blows cool air at you while playing sounds of the sea.

Mercedes EQS design

Although the Mercedes EQS hasn’t been revealed yet, we do know that it’s one of the most aerodynamic cars around. For statistic geeks, the coefficient of drag (Cd) figure of 0.20 is one of the lowest in any production car, which should help the EQS to achieve a long electric driving range.

The EQS will be built alongside the S-Class in Mercedes’ Sindelfingen plant, and the company says the process will be carbon-neutral. It uses a new understructure for electric cars for Mercedes, designed to allow better integration of electric power – and future models will use this architecture too.

What this means for you

Mercedes has announced that the EQS will go on sale in August 2021, though it hasn’t revealed any details on prices or specs just yet.

2021 Mercedes EQS rear seats

It uses some tech from the S-Class and is aimed at a similar kind of buyer, so we expect it to cost a similar amount. That means it will likely cost from around £100,000 depending on the specification – but unlike the S-Class, which has many engines to choose from, the EQS will have a more limited model line-up.

It’s also likely that the Hyperscreen will be an optional extra on the EQS or only available on higher trim levels.

The Mercedes EQS will be revealed in full on 15 April 2021, so check back then for the full story and exterior pictures.

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