Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Should you buy a Citroen C3?

Rather like Citroens of old, the C3 is a bit of a marmite car. It has quirky styling, a soft ride that’s rather at odds with the rest of the supermini pack, and a distinct lack of a sporting model that actually helps it stand out from the crowd a little more.

Despite there being no pure-electric or hybrid powertrain on offer, the conventional petrol and diesel motors should be enough for most drivers. The entry-level C3 Feel powered by the PureTech 83 engine will be the most affordable, while top-spec Flair Plus with a Puretech 110 with the automatic gearbox will command the biggest price.

Head for the BlueHDi 100 if fuel economy and low road tax is your main priority, the extra pulling power will be handy for those regularly carrying a car full of passengers and cargo. As for those looking for a sporty supermini, it’s probably best to expand your search towards the Ford Fiesta and SEAT Ibiza. Other rivals, such as the Volkswagen Polo, Vauxhall Corsa and Renault Clio try to balance comfort with a little driver enjoyment, but the C3 is aimed squarely at those who prioritise comfort, with sporting pretensions put firmly in the back seat.

That said, all the engines are pretty eager and the PureTech 110 engine is reasonably nippy and delivers a characterful three-cylinder soundtrack along with it. Citroen expects the entry-level Feel PureTech 83 to be the best-seller, which is competitively priced for the class when you look at the specs.

On a practical level, it has a big boot and all the engines are pretty economical. The interior is airy and spacious for those up front, and most of the touch points feel durable enough. The main let-down is the iffy ergonomics that come with the infotainment screen – and the car’s reliance of it for important systems, such as its climate control. Rear passenger space is a little tight, too.

Despite all that, it’s a likeable car with individual appeal and if you’re one of those who Citroen is targeting with this car, then there’s no doubt you can happily buy with confidence.

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