Parkers overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1

Should you buy a Citroen C4?

Yes, if you're after comfort and striking looks. There are plenty of family hatchbacks to choose from, and cutting through in this market is very difficult, so you have to admire Citroen for trying something different by creating this interesting hatchback/SUV crossover that genuinely stands out from the crowd.

The state of the art is probably the Skoda Octavia or SEAT Leon but neither of those will turn heads – and that is not the case here. The C4 is a striking-looking car that combines SUV attitude with a convenience of a more traditional five-door package. Its closest rival is probably the lesser-spotted Ford Focus Active, so it will be interesting to see how car buyers take to the C4.

That out of the way, it's clear that Citroen has built a very comfortable, family-friendly hatchback that's good-to drive and should be reliable and cheap to run. Shine feels like the trim level of choice, too.

What we like

It's distinctive inside and out, with an infotainment set-up that's much better than previous Citroen efforts, and has ample room for for passengers. And, yes, it's bestowed with the best ride quality available for the money.

What we don't like

The diesel might be a great long distance machine, but it's relatively unrefined compared with the petrol model. The handling is squidgy, too, and takes time to get used to – if you're a keen driver, this won't be for you.

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