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Search a full range of facts and figures for Citroën cars. Parkers has a comprehensive list of Citroën cars right up to the current day so whether you want to know about road tax bands, fuel consumption figures and performance figures for Citroën cars, we’ve got all the answers here.

Older models

2CV6 (1 models)

AX (1 models)

Berlingo (1 models)

BX (2 models)

C1 (1 models)

C2 (3 models)

C3 (2 models)

C3 Picasso (1 models)

C3 Pluriel (1 models)

C3 XTR (1 models)

C4 (2 models)

C4 Cactus (1 models)

C4 Picasso (1 models)

C5 (5 models)

C6 (1 models)

C8 (1 models)

C-Crosser (1 models)

CX (2 models)

Dispatch Combi (1 models)

DS3 (3 models)

DS4 (1 models)

DS5 (1 models)

Grand C4 Picasso (1 models)

Nemo Multispace (1 models)

Saxo (1 models)

Synergie (1 models)

Visa (2 models)

Xantia (2 models)

XM (2 models)

Xsara (6 models)

Xsara Picasso (1 models)

ZX (2 models)

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