Ford Focus ECOnetic: verdict so far

My thoughts so far

I'm just over halfway through my time with the Focus Econetic and so far everything is going quite well, but I'm not completely convinced and still not sure whether I would recommend it to someone looking for a new car.

There are a just few little things that are starting to annoy me. The first is something that I only recently noticed when someone asked me about it - the engine noise. Although it's much quieter than the three-year-old Audi A3 Simon had previously, I still think it's a noisy unit.

It also lacks that little bit of acceleration you need. I know power has to be lowered to help cut emission and improve fuel economy and I'm not after Focus RS style speed, but it could do with just a bit more as it can feel sluggish when pulling away from traffic.

On a positive note

These are just a few annoyances with the Focus that have slowly become apparent as I've racked up the miles. It does have plenty of plus points though that are probably more important in an eco car.

One of the best things is just how good the Econetic is to drive. Just because you are driving a 'green' car doesn't mean you should have to substitute good handling or comfort and the Focus is a great example of this.

Another important thing for most people when buying a new car is how it looks. Like most eco cars the styling isn't compromised at all for the 'green' factors and you get a good looking, sleek car while doing your bit to save the planet.

Current mileage: 5518

Average mpg: 47.6