Ford Focus ST - owners views

  • Emotive appeal of ST strikes cord with owners
  • Accessible and affordable performance seems key
  • Mystery of the contradictory sat nav explained

Given the cost of fuel and the state of the economy there seems very little reason to buy a high performance car.

It guzzles fuel, can pack a hard ride and often hot hatches feature three doors not five which further restricts their practicality.

However, it seems that Ford Focus ST owners don’t see it that way including owners of the previous generation ST (only available as either a three- or five-door hatchback).

Doug McCarthy says about his 2010/10-reg three-door ST hatchback: ‘It really can be used everyday for commuting, long/short journeys and the boot is huge!’

Some even use them as family transport such as Andrew Cootes, who said of his 2007 five door ST: ‘I still wanted a family car but with some serious power’.

Dean Brown has lots of praise for the performance of his 2008 three-door ST and says this about its practicality: ‘Great boot, sat nav and dual zone climate control’.

But what do owners of the new generation ST say about their cars? According to the Ford Focus ST owners club there are many who are die hard ST fans let alone Ford ones.

What is surprising is the number of owners who have come from a wide range of other cars including premium brands and larger family cars, including BMW 3-Series Coupe and Ford Mondeos.

The addition of the estate version also seems to have brought in people new to the ST thanks to the added practicality.

It also seems we are not alone in opting for the Tangerine Scream either with many owners being seduced by the retina searing colour. Both the Tangerine Scream and the Performance Blue are unique to the ST and adds a certain rarity to the car.

If you are an ST owner and want to share your passion with like-minded individuals then the Ford Focus ST owners club will be delighted to welcome you at

Of the existing ST owners leaving reviews at Parkers seems one of the favourite pieces of kit is the quick clear windscreen.

Everyone in the office found this incredibly useful in winter (and let’s face it it was a long one) saving time and hassle when getting going in the morning.

One piece of kit has been causing us some consternation though is the sat nav. It is easy to use and despite a small screen actually very good at providing clear instructions when driving to a destination.

However, the central dash gives a distance to a turn or roundabout in yards while the display between the dials gives the same number but in feet.

Turns out there was a programming glitch on some ST’s that’s the cause and a refresh of the software at a Ford dealership soon sorts it.

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Ford Focus Sat Nav

Spot the difference: central dash says yards, dial display says feet

Total mileage: 10,609 miles

Average mpg: 31.3mpg