Honda Civic: An annoying squeak...

The only complaint so far

I've been trying to find faults with the Civic. After all, no car is perfect. But I am honestly struggling to pick out anything which doesn't live up to expectations. It's comfortable, handles well, has a great engine and is incredibly practical. If that wasn't enough the dramatic looks still catch the eye.

But one thing I have noticed is an annoying squeak from the dash. Honda's are well known for their top build quality and excellent interiors. In fact this is the first time I can remember driving a modern Honda that isn't totally faultless.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the squeak. It eminates from the top of the dashboard, but despite trying to locate it using the tried and tested method of randomly pressing down on different bits of the dash while driving along, I'm none the wiser.

It's only a niggle, but can become irritating on longer journeys. Luckily the stereo goes loud enough to drown it out! There's no pattern to it either. Sometimes it will disappear on bumpy roads, only to return on very smooth motorways.

Having driven the Civic Type-R recently I noticed that it had a squeak-free cabin, so it must just be our Civic!

Current mileage: 4136

Average mpg: 41.2