Honda Civic: Comprehensive kit list

  • The Honda Civic's range of equipment impresses
  • Features like a reversing camera appreciated
  • Integrated sat-nav is missed but a costly option

It used to be the case that, when buying a new car, virtually everything was optional.

These days most manufacturers are more generous, and their cars benefit from standard kit that was historically the preserve of high-end models.

Honda’s new Civic is a good example. There are four trim levels: SE, ES, EX and EX-GT. Even entry level SE models, which start at £16,995, come with a long list of equipment that includes climate control.

Our car, in higher ES specification, packs even more features. The main upgrades are automatic wipers and lights, cruise control, a speed limiter, Bluetooth connectivity, front fog lights and a better stereo.

It even gets a reversing camera, which alleviates some of the hassle of parking. This, as well as the other kit, should make the Civic easy to live with on a day-to-day basis.

For one thing it's good not to have to go to town on the options list, potentially spending a small fortune, to specify the car with the things you would like or need.

Even if you don't have any particular inclination to use things like cruise or climate control, when presented with them you might quickly get accustomed to having them and realise the advantages.

More kit usually means the car will hold its value better too, as buyers will keep an eye out for examples with particular equipment and won't object to paying a small premium for them.

It would be good if the Civic had integrated sat-nav but, given that it costs an additional £995, I think I'd probably go with an aftermarket solution for a few hundred pounds and pocket the rest.

So far, however, all of the Honda's features seem to work well and little has proven counterintuitive. In fact, barring a slight oddity with the cruise control, the only issue I've noticed is that the rear view camera gets dirty very quickly. 

As you can imagine this greatly reduces its usefulness, particularly at night, as the display becomes obscured and blurry.

This isn't a problem that's unique to the Civic, mind, and it's one that's easily resolved with a quick swipe of a cloth.

Current mileage: 3,385 miles

Average mpg: 38.7mpg (ind.)