Honda Civic: Range anxiety lifts

  • The Honda Civic goes the distance
  • Decent fuel economy and range
  • Alleviates long-distance concerns

If you've a long commute then a car with a short range can be a major annoyance.

After all, stopping to refuel all the time can very quickly become boring.

So, when I found that my new long-term Honda Civic was a petrol version, I was a little wary.

My previous Mazda2, a reputedly frugal diesel model, struggled to do more than 300 miles to a full tank.

That meant that I was filling up every two days or so, while longer journeys usually entailed at least one stop for fuel.

While the petrol engine in the Civic would no doubt be more engaging and enjoyable than the diesel option, alarm bells were ringing about how far the car would go between refills. 

The Honda has a 50-litre fuel tank - approximately 11 gallons - which is around the same size as most mid-sized hatchbacks on the market.

With a claimed average economy of 47.1mpg, the Civic has the potential to cover over 500 miles per tank. That wouldn't be bad going. 

Manufacturer claimed figures, however, are usually just that: claims. To achieve the same results in real life usually demands a phenomenally light right foot and carefully monitored and planned driving.

The Honda has so far been returning an indicated figure that's usually in the region of 40mpg, which strikes me as very reasonable considering its current usage.

Given that economy, it's returning around 400 miles to a full tank of fuel. That's more than enough to prevent overly frequent stops.

Over the next few months I'll be carefully logging the Civic's fuel use, working out the consumption from full tank to full tank on paper.

That will give us a true fuel economy reading, as the trip computer can't necessarily be trusted.

Regardless, I'm more than happy with the Honda Civic's current range and fuel economy.

Current mileage: 3,977 miles

Average mpg: 37.5mpg (ind.)