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Honda CR-V interior, tech and comfort

2023 onwards (change model)

Written by Keith Adams Published: 12 September 2023 Updated: 17 November 2023

How is the quality and layout?

The CR-V borrows most of its interior fittings from the Honda Civic, which is no bad thing. After all, we liked the Civic so much that we made it Parkers Car of the Year for 2023. That means you get a minimalist dash design, with a strip across the centre containing the air vents that separates the high-set 9.0-inch infotainment screen from the physical climate control panel.

It all feels very well built and incredibly straightforward – we love the proliferation of physical switchgear at a time when so many brands are simply loading as many functions as possible onto touchscreens.

Furthering the whole ‘idiot-proof’ mantra, Honda labels each switch with both words and symbols, just to make sure no function goes unflagged.

Honda CR-V infotainment
Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and sat nav are all standard.

Infotainment and tech

The CRV’s infotainment system is a simple affair, although its interface isn’t quite as eye-catching, clear or user friendly as the best systems offered by rivals. But we’re glad to see that Honda hasn’t filled the screen with car control functions and, because of that, it works quickly and smoothly. 

There’s very little lag when you swap between menu screens and, if you want to change the temperature, you rotate a nice, clicky rotary dial rather than dig through a load of sub menus and poke at tiny icons. It’s the way forward.

Thankfully, if Honda’s rather simplistic menu design isn’t to your taste, it’s easy to connect your phone to the screen using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The former works wirelessly but you will need to plug in to one of the USB ports to use the latter. And it’s a shame they’re not USB-C, as is the latest trend, even if most people still have the older-style leads.

All models have a digital instrument cluster, which – like the infotainment – is clear and lacking in visual sparkle. We like this, though, because it’s easy to read and configure.

Honda CR-V heater control
No touch-sensitive controls here and all the better for it.


  • Supportive seats front and rear
  • Lots of adjustment for drivers of all sizes
  • Firmer than some models, but never uncomfortable

The driving position is good and the seats comfortable, with the eight-way electrically adjustable fronts giving you plenty of options, and good forward visibility. There’s a driving position memory function, too.

That comfort extends to the rear, where leg and headroom as well as seat shape are all very good. The CR-Vs driving position is lofty, as you’d expect from an SUV.

There’s loads of adjustment in the seating position, and the steering column has electrical adjusters that can move it for both reach and rake. Refinement is good overall, although the low-profile tyres fitted to higher-spec models generate an appreciable amount of road noise. Happily, this is balanced out (at least in part) by the CR-V’s sound deadening.