Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8

The Parkers VerdictShould I buy a Honda CR-V?

The CR-V isn’t an exciting family car, but it’s a very practical one that makes great sense on many levels. It feels well made, there’s a generous amount of space inside and it comes with lots of kit, too. The option of a pair of extra seats to give buyers a total of seven does boost its appeal further, although its rivals with seven seats – such as the Skoda Kodiaq – do offer more space.

Those seeking a straightforward purchasing experience will appreciate the clean-cut CR-V range, regardless. For starters, there are only two versions to choose between: the frugal but more expensive 2.0-litre Hybrid and the conventional 1.5-litre VTEC Turbo.

The VTEC Turbo version is offered with front- or all-wheel drive, if you go for the manual model, while the automatic CVT is only offered with all-wheel drive. The Hybrid is only available in automatic form, but buyers can pick from either front- or all-wheel drive.

The two-wheel-drive Hybrid is also the cheapest to run, primarily due to its claimed average of 40.9mpg. The less costly manual turbo equivalent can average a decent 38.7mpg, though, but you'll have to drive it in a reserved way to achieve near that figure. The CR-V is by no means a quick car, in any case, but the Hybrid is comparatively swift and the conventional manual petrol versions aren't far behind.

The lack of a diesel engine may limit the CR-V's appeal to some who still undertake long motorway journeys on a regular basis, but the petrol that is offered makes for a relaxed and quiet driving experience if you don’t work it too hard. Those seeking maximum economy and refinement, though, should opt for the Hybrid; it's the top pick for company car drivers, too, thanks to its frugality and low BIK costs.

Other than that, you’ll just need to pick a trim level – and we’d suggest mid-spec SE to strike the best balance between kit and price. The CR-V is more expensive thank the previous generation, admittedly, but the generous kit list on all models and lack of extensive options available mean it’s not as bitter a pill to swallow as you might think.

You’re unlikely to be able to strike an amazing deal on the CR-V, though, as Honda doesn’t have a reputation for offering headline-grabbing deals – but it’s worth a try when you’re in the showroom. Keep an eye on our Deal Watch pages for regular updates from Honda, just in case a tempting deal arrives; pick wisely and you could get a dependable, practical and cosseting SUV that's remarkably well equipped for a sensible price.