Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The Parkers VerdictShould you buy a Honda e?

The Honda e feels like the kind of futuristic electric car we’ve been waiting for. It looks like a concept car, it has the neat design details that have made it through to production from the original concept car, but it still functions as a normal EV without feeling intimidating to use or too ahead of its time.

If you already know the claimed range of 125-137 miles isn’t good enough for you, you won’t be considering this as an option. If, however, the range doesn’t pose any problems, we’d seriously urge you look at a Honda e. The core of its buyers will already know they can get away with that range as most driving will be around town where it can then be charged again either at home overnight or via a charger somewhere.

The fact it costs a significant amount more than an equivalent Skoda Citigo-e-iV can be a little jarring if you just want an electric runaround, but the Honda backs up its price jump with an interior that’s light years ahead of the VW Group competition. Those screens all across the dash are far easier to operate than you’d originally expect them to be, and the materials and overall ambience is very pleasant indeed.

Around town the performance is more than adequate, it’s comfy, it’s quiet and there’s even enough space for four. 

Honda’s first all-electric car is a very interesting alternative to a range of more sensible EVs, and if you’re already sold on the looks and the price, chances are you’ll love it like MINI owners love their cars (and most likely the MINI Electric). If, however, it’s a bit too advanced, take a look at the Renault Zoe and the VW e-Up.

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