Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

Quiet running may seem at odds with supercar ownership but you’ll attract enough attention at low speeds via the space-age styling. Though it may look futuristic and outlandish, all the scoops and vents on the Honda NSX have been sculpted by the advanced powertrain’s hunger for air, which it desperately needs in order to keep cool.

This is where the idea that the NSX makes a great day-to-day driver starts to lose a bit of traction. Those massive side vents add to the NSX’s already sizable girth, and the door mirrors need to be on lengthy stalks to see around them, so they stick out a long way. Narrow roads are instantly awkward as a result.

Visibility is still good thanks to thinner-than-average A pillars and there’s more headroom for tall drivers this time around, despite those low, cats-eye-catching looks.

Just don’t go to the garden centre or Ikea in it. There really is very little practical space on offer – and the ice-cream melting exhaust system runs through the boot and will gently heat your shopping for you.

On top of which, supercars are all much less belligerent these days than they were when the first NSX hit the streets. Has this new car’s USP been eroded? Luckily the Honda can boast a high-tech drive as part of its appeal this time around – no longer simply a conventional mid-engined layout with rear wheel drive, this NSX has all sorts of electric motors and torque vectoring to help put down its huge power in as many situations as possible.

That does arguably make it slightly more clinical to drive (although updates in 2019 certainly helped in this regard) but if you yearn for a more back to basics experience the NSX is perhaps not the best car for you.

In a lot of ways the NSX is the perfect two-seat pairing to something like a Nissan GT-R – offering a similar recipe of baffling pace and grip underlined by the sneaking suspicion you’re not entirely at the heart of the process. If you admire future-facing technology and engineering in the pursuit of outright speed however, there isn’t much out there that can scratch the itch like an NSX.

2019 Honda NSX rear driving orange