Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Should you buy a Hyundai i20?

If you've read a few other supermini reviews, you'll know that the darling of the motoring press is the Ford Fiesta. But we say the i20 is a viable alternative to the Fiesta, so yes, we can recommend buying one.

Those after the latest technology will gravitate to the i20. Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and its suite of safety features are unusual in a car of this size - while the amount of space in the rear seats is noteworthy too.

Drivers after plush, high end materials are better served by the likes of the Volkswagen Polo. While if you're after a diesel or a three-door, the i20 will also not be suitable.

We'd recommend going for the cheapest SE Connect spec car. The only notable thing it's missing is a sat-nav, which isn't such a worry as it comes with wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Although the BOSE stereo in the Ultimate spec car might be enough to sway some people.

At time of writing, SE connect cars start from less than £250 per month on a PCP agreement - some £50 or so a month more than a mild-hybrid Fiesta. Although if you're looking at making the final payment at the end and keeping the i20, it works out at around £1,000 cheaper than the Ford.

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