Should you order a Land Rover Defender 90?

On the basis of our experience with the Defender 110, the 90 is looking very desirable. It's not a cheap vehicle, but neither is it poor value, as you get a lot of standard equipment and enormous capability for you money.

As you'll have already read in the intro, you can order a Defender 90, but don't expect delivery until late 2020 – and that being the case, while we can be sure that it will be good off-road (the Defender 110 is brilliant in that department), it's less clear how good on-road it will be, due to the significant size difference between this and its sister car.

Still, the Defender 90 is almost painfully stylish, offers seating for up to six (five as standard), is highly configurable, and heading towards being one of the most desirable vehicles of any type when it finally lands in dealerships in late 2020. 

We'll bring you more on the Defender 90 once we've been able to to drive it, but it certainly looks as though one of 2020's most eagerly-anticipated cars will be worth the wait.

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