Parkers overall rating: 3.7 out of 5 3.7

2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport rear

Should you buy a Land Rover Discovery Sport?

If you occasionally need seven seats with off-road ability, but don’t need a full-sized luxury SUV, the Land Rover Discovery Sport does a fairly convincing job of filling this niche. However, it’s far from a perfect car and potential owners should think hard before opting for this over a more workaday model such as a Skoda Kodiaq.

What we like

There’s plenty that the Discovery Sport does well. From its tidy on-road manners to its unrivalled (in this class) prowess off it, there’s a lot to like about driving this car, and as a comfortable long-distance cruiser there’s little to rival it. The changes made for the facelift certainly makes the Discovery Sport feel more luxurious, which is just as well, as specifying one can become expensive.

What we don’t like

But the car’s unenviable (for all the wrong reasons) reliability record is a worry. Though this facelifted model has plenty of new components, the poor reputation of the previous car must be taken into account. If you’re looking for a car to be as trouble-free as possible, you may be better off with the likes of the Hyundai Santa Fe and its longer five-year warranty.

Which is best?

We’d struggle to recommend a Discovery Sport with a petrol engine unless your mileage is exceptionally low. The diesels fare a lot better, but there are many more efficient choices out there. The plug-in hybrid version will suit plenty of low mileage users and those who can cover shorter journeys on the 34 mile battery range, but makes little sense for motorway cruisers.

The model we’d otherwise recommend is the 200hp diesel as it’s both muscular enough and refined, suiting the car’s luxurious nature. There might be a little less outright power compared to the petrol engines, but the torque makes the car far more responsive for more of the time when you need to build up momentum.

A mid-spec model has all the equipment you’ll need, although if you’re planning to opt for the seven-seat option, the P300e only comes as a five-seater, so bear that in mind.

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