Parkers overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 4.3

All engine versions are fitted with the eight-speed automatic transmission used elsewhere on Land Rover products – and it is well suited to the car’s nature. With 240hp, the entry-level SD4 diesel model delivers performance that in most circumstances is perfectly adequate, taking 8.3-seconds to reach from 0-62mph.

Four-cylinder Land Rover Discovery petrol and diesel

It is relatively refined for a four-cylinder diesel and acceleration is on a par for the class if far from quick. But again, this is within the expectation of this car. Refinement is good rather than exceptional, but the Ingenium four-cylinder diesel engine is quieter than in other Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

Introduced a year after the launch, the Si4 petrol Discovery was added to the range to give buyers who want to move away from diesel an additional option. With 300hp, this 2.0-litre four-cylinder Discovery certainly doesn't lack power – which means it turns in an impressive set of performance figures.

Land Rover claims a 0-62mph time of 7.3 seconds, which is respectable enough. Official fuel consumption figure is 29.4mpg (combined NEDC), and its CO2 output is 222g/km, which puts it in the 37% tax band.

Land rover Discovery six-cylinder engine options

The V6 diesel option brings additional torque – 700Nm compared with 500Nm – and an additional 66hp. Acceleration to 62mph is cut down to 7.5-seconds as a result, but unless you plan to tow on a regular basis the additional cost is not worthwhile, with the official fuel consumption figure dropping down to around 28.3mpg and 31.6mpg on the WLTP system.


  • The Discovery is biased for comfort, so it rolls in bends
  • Slow steering best suited to leisurely driving
  • Once you're used to it, the Disco handles really well

On air suspension (standard on all cars in the UK) and with the V6 up front, the Discovery steers with an assured sharpness although you’re aware of all the mass that the suspension is having to deal with.

The comfort bias is entirely appropriate for a car that is likely to be to be used for carrying people and their luggage instead of storming down B-roads. However, if you should try and hurry it along it will do so, if a little reluctantly.

It seems obvious to say it, but Discovery is less engaging and capable than the Range Rover Sport, but less yacht-like than the Range Rover. Which is what you'd expect given the Discovery's position in Land Rover's line-up. Pay your money and take your choice...