Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9

Land Rover Discovery rear view

Should you buy a Land Rover Discovery?

It’s one to buy if you need oodles of space and peerless off-road potential. The Land Rover Discovery is outstanding in many areas – as a car for large families, it’s near unbeatable. Whether that’s enough to tempt you away from a Land Rover Defender 110 is another matter.

It’s a satisfying car to own. Sure, it’s not as economical or as green as its rivals, and there only mild hybrid options, but then it makes a much better fist of going off-road when the going gets tough. It’s arguable just how often buyers will choose to do this – but in our books, in order to be a good SUV, it needs to excel off- and on-road.

‘The way the Discovery drives and the sheer usefulness of its interior are two hugely positive points over above its brilliant off-road capability. And remember, you can’t see how it looks from the driver’s seat…’

Keith Adams, Editor

The Discovery manages all of that with aplomb. The only elephant in the room is the presence of the brilliant Land Rover Defender 110, which does all of the above, and has the coolest image of all off-roaders right now. Yes, it doesn’t have the luxury of Discovery, but it is a far more desirable vehicle – and that’s what we’d take.

What we like

The ride, the handling, and the sheer amount of interior space. It really is also a brilliant tow car, and that alone makes it a very desirable option.

What we don’t like

Few would argue that Land Rover quality and reliability are not what they should be, and although the firm says it’s improved in this model, this is still a facet that casts a dark shadow over the brand.

Which model is best for you?

The question is, which one do you buy. The good news is that your engine choice is pretty clear-cut – for economy, go for the excellent D250, and for performance, the six-cylinder mild hybrid P360 has an impressive turn of speed. Overall, we’d take the D300 over the P360.

The R-Dynamic is the one to have for maximum desirability, and adding some well-chosen options make it better for resale – a panoramic sunroof adds value, for instance.

The option of a fixed, retractable or detachable tow bar is useful if you tow a caravan, making use of the Disco’s amazing ability to pull heavy loads is a no-brainer. Securing any form of deal is getting easier in these days of continuing negative press coverage about Land Rover’s future prospects.

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