Mazda6: Choices for company car drivers

Those drivers that qualify for a company car will be familiar with the makes that dominate the fleet list. Topping the popularity stakes is Vauxhall's Insignia, the car that replaces the Vectra. If the Mazda6 is going to win the company car vote, as the Japanese company hopes it will, it is going to have to prove a winner against the popular Vauxhall.

In terms of equipment and performance, the closest match to our Mazda6 is the Insignia 2.0 CDTi SE - although it is almost £3,000 more expensive. And looking at the details it's clear that the Mazda6 proves to be slightly better equipped as standard, comes with a lower tax bill and is more frugal.

Optional extras are limited with only metallic paint available, while the Insignia has a longer options list including front and rear parking sensors. This is something you can't get on the Mazda6, option or otherwise, and would prove useful as it is difficult to tell where the rear bumper is due to the sloping hatchback. 

However, if your preference is for a family hatch that is enjoyable to drive, can accommodate a family's every need and offers a low company car tax bill, then the Mazda6 is hard to beat.


Mazda6 2.2-litre TS2

Vauxhall Insignia
2.0-litre CDTi SE

P11d = £19,330 P11d = £22,225
CO2 = 147g/km CO2 = 154g/km
BIK % band = 20 BIK % band = 21
Monthly tax bill = £64.43 Monthly tax bill = £77.78
Official mpg = 51 Official mpg = 48

Standard kit highlights:


Automatic wipers

Blindspot indicators

Standard kit highlights:

Electric parking brake       

Electric driver's seat       

Hill start assist

Optional kit highlights:

Metallic paint (£385)

Optional kit highlights:

Front and rear parking sensors 



Current mileage: 9632

Average mpg: 45.6