Mazda6: Customer drive

Family man puts Mazda to the test

If a car is very good then a test drive should win a potential customer over. The Mazda 6 has a lot to promote itself: it's good fun to drive, the diesel packs both performance and economy, and the 6 currently represents very good value.

Mr Trahern Rayner, current owner of a 53-plate Saab 9-5 and a family man to the tune of one wife and two young boys is looking for a new spacious family car. So can a test drive convince him to buy a Mazda 6?

"The Mazda's performance is deceptive," remarks Rayner. "It doesn't feel fast but when you glance at the speedo you realise you are going quicker than you think. Plus it doesn't feel or sound particularly like a diesel either."

"The rear view is a bit restricted," he continues, "and it isn't easy to see where the rear bumper ends so parking could be challenging. My wife would prefer it if it had rear parking sensors." But it's the practicality of the car that really impresses.

"The boot is massive and I can easily get all the family's belongings in especially for holidays. There's loads of space in the back for the boys too," he adds.

So has the Mazda 6 made it on the Rayner's shopping list? "Definitely," confirms Rayner. "I may wait another year before buying one as the cost would have come down further on used ones and further depreciation won't be as much, but the 6 does tick all the boxes on what I am looking for."

Current mileage: 15712

Average mpg: 50.8