Mazda6: fuel

Making the fuel last

On paper the Mazda 6 should achieve a maximum of nearly 720 miles from a full tank (given its 64-litre fuel tank and a claimed average economy of 51mpg). However, while this theoretical figure doesn't reflect real world conditions, I never seem to do much better than 550 miles. True, long motorway journeys mean a slight delay to the orange fuel light coming on but not by much.

The 6 does have a trip computer that can help with instant mpg figures but at first glance it isn't obvious where to locate it (it is accessed via the steering wheel controls). And these things do help restrain my right foot and play to the efficiency side of the 2.2-litre diesel rather than its sporty one.

I tested a BMW 320d Touring that came with mpg and distance-to-empty displays located between the dials and conventionally controlled via a switch on the indicator stalk. So it was always easy to see how well I was doing in eeking out the mileage and keeping mpg readings as high as possible. It brought conserving fuel to the forefront of my mind, and kept it there.

So having trawled the Mazda 6's press kits and handbook I have located and am now armed with those vital fuel economy guides that will help me knuckle down as I aim to get at least 600 miles from a single tank.

Current mileage: 12098

Average mpg: 44.2