Mazda6: tight spot

Parking problems

Every trip into town means dealing with a pay-or-display or multi-storey car park. Given that every car park tries to maximise profits by jamming in as many cars as possible, it means spaces are tight and not the easiest to get into.

I always prefer to reverse into a space as this makes getting away easy, however in the 6, this is not straight-forward. The rear view is restricted by the sloping windscreen and thick pillars at the back. Judging distances is tricky because you can't see where the rear bumper is.

I have to line the car up as best I can looking over my shoulder then use wing mirrors to judge the gap to the other cars or pillars to ensure I don't hit anything to the sides. Then finally it's a head-out-of-the-window approach to ensure I don't reverse too far back and bounce off a wall or another car's bumper.

What the 6 could really do with is a set of rear parking sensors but you can't specify these as they aren't an option. In fact, you can't get any form of parking assistance gadget on any of the 6's including the top spec Sport. It's a real nuisance because it would come in really handy especially for parallel parking and provide reassurance to anyone who is less than confident in manoeuvring a car.

Current mileage: 11379

Average mpg: 47.9