Parkers overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 4.3
  • Shares interior layout with the 3 hatchback
  • Plush materials and upmarket feel
  • Infotainment simple and easy to use

In short, the CX-30's interior is impressive. It's carried over almost completely unchanged from the Mazda 3 hatch, so you're treated to robust and premium-feeling materials, a neat dashboard layout and a very crisp central infotainment screen. The main difference is that you're sitting a little further away from the road.

The central screen uses a rotary controller as its only method of interaction – rare, now, as more manufacturers just rely on touchscreens – and it’s simple to operate. It seems that Mazda has taken a leaf out of BMW’s book in terms of infotainment operation.

The only fly in the ointment is with the screen itself - although it's 8.8-inches wide it's not that tall, and feels noticeably smaller than in competitors with a letterbox-style view. It's not the end of the world, but when you jump into another car with larger screen, it's noticeable. If only for navigation instructions where you can see a wider view of where you're going. To counter this, the screen itself is crisp, and directions clear when you need them.

Depending on spec it comes with leather or fabric inside, with a large piece of soft-touch material across most of the dashboard. That's a welcome departure from the large slabs of cheap, hard plastic you'll find in the VW T-Roc, for instance. The Skyactiv-X is available with a very modern looking white leather option too, but even the lower-spec models have dark blue inserts around the cabin. It's not what you'd find in most cars, and we're glad Mazda likes to do things a little differently.

Contemporary technologies such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are both standard, while driver assistance tech like lane keep assist are also on offer. The dials are slick and simple, with a digital screen in the centre. It's not as configurable as a SEAT Ateca's digital dial arrangement, but it doesn't really need to be. 

A 10-speaker Bose set-up is available on high-spec cars, that includes a subwoofer in the boot.

Is it comfortable?

  • Comfy seats are supportive
  • Refinement is very impressive
  • RIde comfort good, too

The CX-30 doesn't come with huge wheels on any model - the largest available are 18 inches in size, so you do without any crashy ride qualities that you may find on similar cars with larger wheels. And with nicely-tuned suspension that treads the line between comfort and control very well, you've got a great all-rounder. 

Of most importance for a family car though, it's quiet and refined and, in combination with the controlled suspension, leaves passengers feeling relaxed. It's quite dark inside, but that's not the end of the world - lower-spec models come with lighter roof lining which helps things. 

The seats offer a wide range of adjustment - even manual seats on lower-spec cars enable you to tilt the seat base to support your legs a little more - and offer plenty of support. We'd say the cloth items on Sport Lux models are some of the best in terms of comfort. 

Refinement is also very impressive. Despite the need to work either engine quite hard, the sound is far from intrusive. Wind and road noise are also very well suppressed. We covered several hundred miles in the CX-30 and it was calm, quiet and serene regardless of speed and road surface. Very impressive.