MINI Clubman: a little extra

Lightening the mood...

What sets MINI apart from other small cars is the attention to detail. In addition to the obvious stuff - the chrome rocker switches and over-sized speedo and - this Clubman's packed with touches that remind you that what you're driving is a cut above other small cars.

Top of my list of likes is the MP3-compatible stereo. It saves having to lug cases of CDs around and has been standard on the MINI Clubman since it was launched in 2007. The hidden storage compartment (pictured) is ideal for keeping valuables out of view, while the 'Interior Lights Pack' (part of the £2000 Chili Pack) means I can choose what colour the interior lights are at night - from blue to orange and all colours inbetween.

These are my highlights, but yours could be different. MINIs are infinitely customisable and the options list is huge. What would you choose?

Current mileage: 1190

Average mpg: 42.3