MINI Clubman: How low can you go?

Pessimistic fuel range

When it comes to playing poker with the fuel gauge, it's always me who blinks first. Or at least it usually is. Driving back on a recent motorway trip, I foolishly drove past a couple of petrol stations when I really should have stopped. It meant that when I finally stopped to fill-up, I had just 19 miles left. Or did I?

At the pumps, I filled it to the brim - it wouldn't take a drop more. I'd crammed-in 35.83 litres at a cost of £38.30.

The MINI holds 50 litres of petrol, which means I wasn't as close to the wire as I thought I was. There should have been at least 14 litres left in the tank.

The MINI has been doing around 39mpg in everyday driving. That means for every litre of fuel I should be able to drive 8.5 miles. 14 x 8.5 = 119.

So when I thought the tank was near empty, I still had 119 miles left.

I won't be so worried about running low on petrol in future...


Current mileage: 7412

Average mpg: 39.2