Should you buy a Peugeot e-208?

We've driven a 99% finished car on European roads so it's difficult to say definitively whether you should buy this car over a Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf but there are a number of areas where we can offer some expertise.

For a start, and although this is subjective, the e-208 is a much smarter-looking car than either of those two with squat, purposeful proportions and eye-catching styling.

The interior is also superb – easily the best in class – thanks to its driver-focussed layout and the availability of futuristic tech like the 3D i-Cockpit.

While the handling isn't quite as agile as the conventionally powered 208, we reckon it's a sharper thing to drive than rivals, although the firm ride is a bit of a concern given the smoothness offered by the Nissan and the Renault. Hopefully that's something that will be solved by lower-trim versions with smaller wheels.

To allay some EV specific concerns there's no reason to think the claimed 211 mile range is unrealistic as it's been tested under stricter WLTP terms and because Peugeot reckons only 10% of 208s will be battery powered, the French manufacturer has no concerns about keeping up with customer demand.

The fact it's powered by a big battery actually comes with fewer compromises than you'd expect, especially if Peugeot's promise of identical whole life costs are realistic. There are no differences in practicality at least, with identical cabin and boot space.

In short the Peugeot e-208 is just as easy to recommend as the petrol version – and according to the maker should prove no more expensive to run as well.

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