Parkers overall rating: 4.4 out of 5 4.4
  • Plenty of power, sports car punch
  • Porsche-slaying acceleration on tap
  • Great blend of performance and refinement

This Polestar 2 has a startling 408hp and 660Nm of torque thanks to two electric motors - expect 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds and a top speed limited to 127mph (though the battery will discharge incredibly quickly if you attempt speeds like this in an electric car!). This is a very fast car on paper and feels it in real life, with performance to rival Porsche sports cars.

All EVs are quick at the traffic light grand prix from 0-30mph, but the Polestar's trick is how urgent acceleration is available even at higher speeds. Prod the accelerator on a motorway to overtake uphill, and the 2 will surge forwards on a wave of silent, electric thrust. It's utterly captivating.

Yet this car is very easy to drive in day-to-day conditions and that performance potential is never daunting. It's a very easy car to thread around town, although you should be aware there is a shallow rear window which presents what looks like a daunting blindspot at first glance. In reality, large mirrors, blindspot indicators in the frameless door mirrors and a very good 360-degree parking camera mean that it's never really a problem in daily duty.

There aren't any driving modes as such, but you can adjust the power steering for finger-tip-light or heavier assistance, and you can also tweak the regenerative braking, which can be set to coast or claw back maximum charge with one-pedal driving. Once you're used to it, you'll rarely have to prod the brake pedal at all; a mere lift of the accelerator will do all the deceleration for you.


  • Easy car to drive, sophisticated manners
  • Well judged steering and handling
  • Ride is firm on Performance cars

At launch there is only one Polestar 2 model available in the UK, although in time further versions will be added. So your only choice for now is whether to buy a model with or without the Performance Pack. This adds the special Ohlins dampers that can be tuned to your preference, larger wheels and tyres, and better front brakes. Be aware that most punters won't be able to adjust the suspension with its 22 steps of damper softness (it involves a toolkit and removing the rear wheelarch liner, so most owners are expected to rely on a mechanic).

To date, we have only tested the Performance Pack model riding on 20-inch wheels. This is a car with an enormous amount of grip and a nicely balanced feel, giving you lots of confidence to push towards its limits, which on the road seem largely unreachable.

While it inherits Volvo steering hardware, the software and tuning is very much Polestar's, and that means it has a well judged weighting to it.

Although this is a heavy car, at 2.1 tonnes, it doesn't feel like a portly EV. Thank the car's low centre of gravity, which means it feels super-stable, even when cornering hard or pulling an emergency stop. The ride is well resolved: supple enough to absorb most bumps and lumps, yet retaining a high degree of control if you're on your favourite back road. It does become a little bumpy on very broken B-roads, however. We'd recommend the smaller 19-inch wheels if you want maximum comfort.

Polestar 2 (2020) cornering