• Android infotainment system is the new benchmark
  • Integrates seamlessly with your phone
  • Clean design to the cabin looks smart and classy

The Polestar 2 is the debut of Google's Android infotainment system, set on an 11-inch, free-standing portrait screen. Once you’ve logged in to your Google account it works just like your phone or tablet, with all your apps and contacts already saved.

As well as large and easily jabbed buttons, this system has been designed to be as easy as possible to use on the move.

The sat-nav uses Google Maps, with live charging station availability if you’ll need a top up on the way. It has a specific skin with reduced on screen info to help you read it while driving.

2020 Polestar 2 infotainment

This new operating system takes the functions of Android Auto and adds voice control that can talk to the car's various systems like the climate controls and a driver profile linked to your Google account.

A Bluetooth antenna in the driver’s door picks up a signal from your phone in your pocket and begins setting the car up for you before you've even sat down.

So by the time you open the door the car has already started moving the seat and mirrors for you, selecting the steering weight you prefer and configuring the various safety systems to your liking.

There’s no subscription for this and the car comes with a sim card onboard with Polestar picking up the tab for Spotify streaming and maps usage.

Elsewhere although the cars we drove were pre-production prototypes we were really impressed with the interior quality and design - unlike other high-end cars the Polestar 2 manages to make the cabin feel luxurious without the need to cover everything in leather. In fact unless you pay extra for leather seats, the interior is completely vegan.


  • Suspension is surprisingly supple
  • Excellent seats
  • Quiet cabin

We've only driven Performance pack cars so far with stiffer suspension and special adjustable dampers. Surprisingly though this set up is quite forgiving, although we suspect the standard car will be better.

Polestar doesn't want to appear to be too close to Volvo in terms of borrowed hardware but this is one area where it's fair to say the Swedish manufacturer stands proud - its seats are superb and the Polestar 2 benefits from this. They are supremely supportive and will resist backache even on a long drive.

Being an electric car the Polestar 2 is blissfully quiet in the cabin thanks to a lack of engine noise. Wind noise is well suppressed and there's only a little bit of wheel and suspension noise. Again, the standard car on smaller wheels should be even quieter.