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Parkers overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 3.8

Should you buy a Renault Captur?

It may only be a Clio on stylish stilts, but the Captur hits the spot for a vast number of small SUV buyers, blending funky styling with plenty of kit and efficient engines. The interior reflects the affordability of this compact crossover, and the boot could be a touch bigger, but overall the Captur scores impressively in one of the most fiercely contested new car segments around. It seems every year brings a new challenger, from the VW T-Cross to the Dacia Duster, Vauxhall Crossland-X or Ford Fiesta Active, and yet the Captur remains popular.

That raised suspension comes with some benefits beyond easier access and a feeling of security on the road. The ride is very good, even on 17-inch alloys which thanks to the soft suspension set-up, still deliver a comfortable ride over even the worst imperfections in the road. Despite the increase in height, the Captur also handles remarkably well, showing the Clio roots to good effect. While there’s a little body-roll in bends, it’s never unruly and remains composed. The steering is light with a slightly artificial feel, but it’s direct enough at higher speeds. That lightness pays dividends when you’re manoeuvring around town, too.

The Captur is competitively priced against its rivals and has consequently become a favourite among UK car buyers, it being ranked as the second highest-selling compact SUV segment. The mid-range Dynamique S Nav trim level, with a sat-nav system as standard, is the UK’s best-seller. It’s this version that has all the personalisation options and adds rear parking sensors as standard.

Used models are likely to feature a diesel engine under the bonnet, and it's an efficient one - up to 53.3mpg indicates good real-world economy. Look for the turbocharged 1.2-litre petrol engine and twin-clutch automatic gearbox, called EDC and you'll find the Capture is easy rather than fun to drive. Ideal for family use around town, it’s still up to the job of sitting comfortably at motorway cruising speeds – just don’t expect the most involving experience when you find a twisty road.

'Comfort is one area where the Captur shines; the ride is composed and the suspension irons out lumps and bumps. Body roll well controlled and there is plenty of grip, but the steering is too light and numb for enthusiastic driving'

Keith WR Jones, Parkers Deputy Editor

The Dynamique S Nav has all the kit most buyers will need, plus comes with the full complement of two tone paint and customisation options. However, be careful when it comes to picking the colour scheme of your Captur. Lairy hues may make it harder to sell the car. The automatic EDC gearbox is also a worthwhile consideration should you need it, and contributes a lot to the Captur being a genuinely easy car to live with. Different, with plenty to keep it distinct from an ever-expanding roster of rivals, the Captur's a quirky and easily personalised family crossover, albeit one that will slow your pace of life to a more leisurely gait.

Renault Captur rear yellow driving 2019